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Why Elite Learning

Elite Learning places a large emphasis on safe and entertaining academic activities. All our programs are designed to give back to the community, as well. As a nonprofit, we have donated over $1.7 million to public education so far. Our promise is to help pioneer education throughout the state and promote our positive learning culture to as many schools as possible.

At Elite Learning, we work alongside families and schools alike to make sure our goals align as closely as possible. We aim to create the most convenient solution for all parties involved while creating an unforgettable experience for the children.


A Profit-Sharing Opportunity

Elite Learning would like to collaborate with your school by offering a quality after school program that enriches your students with fun and educational activities every day. By using your facilities, we will ensure a safe transition for the students and a convenient solution for you and your parents. Here are some highlights of the program:


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A Focus on Safety

Parents can relax knowing that when school is dismissed, our online attendance program is available for you to see whether your child has signed in or not and on which day. We have a strict policy where each parent has their own pin code to pick up their child.

Scholarships to Your Alumni

Elite Learning is a nonprofit that is dedicated to providing its students with the best quality education regardless of their socio-economic status. That’s why we have donated over $1.7 million to public education and we continue to provide scholarships to our alumni. By using our after school program, you are offering this opportunity to your students as well, in addition to an excellent daily activities schedule that is mentally stimulating and simultaneously entertaining.

School Event Sponsorships

At Elite Learning we know the importance of encouraging your students and staff to keep performing. That is why we welcome the opportunity to sponsor your school events and staff appreciation events.

Encouraging Parent Communication

Participating programs also feature Let’s Talk!, an online program that connects parents to staff for convenient online communication. You can easily submit questions, concerns, or comments as well. It also allows educators to quickly reach you and the rest of the community in several different ways. Learn more here.

Caring Teachers

Our staff consists of highly qualified, experienced educators with a track record of excellence. With a teacher-to-student ratio as low as 1 to 12, our teachers are able to have more one-on-one interactions and deliver a more nurturing education. Our teachers adapt to each child’s unique personality so he or she can contribute to his or her own growth. We strive to hire world class staff and we encourage parents to get to know the personnel caring for their child.

A Dedicated Mission

At Elite Learning, we believe that all children are unique and they all deserve to be treated with respect and equal expectations of learning and social interaction. Elite Learning emphasizes safe after school care that focuses on the child’s overall success and building their confidence.

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Belinda S. San Antonio

The Harmony Education Foundation after school program at HSA SA has been such a great experience for both my child and I. I have peace of mind while at work knowing my child is in good hands. He too enjoys attending and never complains as he had in other after school programs asking me to pick him up early. I love that when I go to pick him up, I see him engaged in various activities. Some students are even getting assistance with homework assignments. This after school program is doing such a phenomenal job and every school deserves this kind of program with such amazing and attentive staff to care for our children!

Tammie J. Dallas

I am so happy about sending my son to the afterschool program at Harmony Plano. I was having trouble with my son in other school programs, but since he has started at the Harmony Plano afterschool programs he is happy with his learning and he wants to get up every morning just so he can get to the afternoon school program. They have a great program for the kids where they can learn and also play at the same time. I recommend that anyone working, single moms or working families members to send their children to here instead of a daycare. You will really be happy with the outcome. Thank you Mrs. Lena for all you do with our kids

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